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Osteoporosis makes your bones weak and more likely to break. Anyone can develop osteoporosis, but it is common in older woman. As many as half of all woman and a quarter of men older than 50 will break a bone … Continue reading

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Are ADHD Medications Being Overprescribed?

There are 5 million children who are currently taking ADHD drugs in the U.S. alone. The number of children being treated with prescription medication for ADHD has soared in recent years.Fewer children are being prescribed antibiotics nowadays compared to a … Continue reading

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How Well Does Your Doctor Communicate with You?

Communication between patients and their doctors makes a big difference in healthcare. It can affect how patients feel about their doctors – whether their doctors seem well informed and caring. Communication can also affect care – whether patients understand health … Continue reading

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Pharmaceutical Companies: How Much Do They Control?

Every day Americans are subjected to a barrage of advertising by the pharmaceutical industry. Mixed in with the pitches for a particular drug—usually featuring beautiful people enjoying themselves in the great outdoors—is a more general message. Boiled down to its … Continue reading

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Right To Die: Euthanasia & Human Rights

This is one of the most debated topics in the world and that is euthanasia. Euthanasia literally means good death but in this context it means mercy killing. The debate is regarding the legalization of euthanasia. This debate is a … Continue reading

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How Often Do You Get Mammograms?

Changing recommendations for when women should get mammograms have created conflict and confusion. Not only do recommendations from different sources vary, but some have moved in opposite directions. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force scaled back its recommendation in 2009, … Continue reading

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Destress Your Life: Tips For Healthier & Serene Life

The gloomy days of January can be the most miserable and stressful of the year, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Imagine living in serenity. It is possible if you make few changes to your life. It can … Continue reading

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Geriatricians vs Gerontologists: What’s the Difference?

I have learned more about the issues facing our seniors dealing with the current healthcare system. I have witnessed chronic, non-acute conditions that plague seniors like spattered falls, non – acute ,carpal tunnel, pneumonia, eye infections, and other incidental events. … Continue reading

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Interviewing for That Healthcare Position? Be ready when you get the call!

Regardless of your experience or credentials, it’s important to prepare for the interview when applying for a job in the healthcare industry. Whether conducted in person or on the phone, the interview provides an ideal opportunity to present your qualifications, … Continue reading

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Autoimmune Disorders

The immune system is a collection of special cells and chemicals that fight infection-causing agaents such as bacteria and viruses. An autoimmune disorder occurs when a person’s immune system mistakenly attacks their own body tissues. Autoimmune disorders are broadly grouped … Continue reading

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