25 Essential Blackberry Apps for Health and Fitness

Have you made the connection between fitness and health? If you have made the connection (and the commitment) to a healthier lifestyle and if you own a Blackberry, then you’re in for a health and fitness treat. You have access to dozens of health and fitness apps, but we’ve picked twenty-five essential apps that cover a range from calorie-counting to nutritional help to fitness and medical advice.

The following list is divided into categories by price range, from free to over $20. The links, which lead to Blackberry App World, are listed in alphabetical order within each category. The ratings were gathered from Blackberry App World as well as from other resources such as TopTenReviews, BBGeeks, MobiHealthNews and more.

Free Blackberry Apps

  1. Brio Calorie Tracker: This app is designed to help you maintain a record of daily caloric intake for a healthier life. You can use desktop synchronization to back up and restore your calorie history and records. Brio Calorie Tracker is one of the most popular free Blackberry fitness and health apps.
  2. Calorie County by Fat Secret: Use this app for a quick pick on calorie and full nutrition information, to plan and keep track of your diet, a way to record calories you burn, and to journal your progress. Sync and access these records with an online account so you can gain access anywhere, any time.
  3. Calorie Count Nutrition Search: What if you’re not eating enough protein or carbohydrates to meet your fitness goals? You can count calories and find nutritional information on this app, which brings About.com’s popular food and dient resource, Caloriecount.com, within instant reach.
  4. FluRadar: This is not a game – you can keep track on up-to-date H1N1 flu information as you learn about new outbreaks in your area. This app shows distances to H1N1 events displayed in both miles and km, shows flue cases in a list or on a map and summarized current information concerning H1N1 events with a link to the original source when available.
  5. GoodFoodNearYou: Find the best food options at twenty restaurants near you, no matter your location. Using a Zip Code, you can search over 36,000 restaurant menu items from over 250,000 U.S. restaurant locations.
  6. My Personal Health Record: Named after the non-profit organization of the same name, this app is a free and confidential service that allows users to keep health information organized, accurate and in one place. Members to this organization also can print a free emergency wallet care online.
  7. Total Fitness for Blackberry 1: This app includes a database of 5,000 food items containing nutritional information. You also can keep a daily log of your workouts from a database filled with over 60 weight-training exercises. Track your body weight, body fat, blood pressure, pulse and body measurements, too.
  8. vClinic Mobile Health: This app automatically manages your calorie intake, weight and nutrients. You also can keep track of calories burned, and this app will warn you if you’ve broken your daily calories limit.

Blackberry Apps Under $10

  1. Cholesterol Cutter: Learn how to control your cholesterol with exercise, diet and treatment plans and establish a log of your recordings for better treatment options. Additionally, you can keep a record of all medications with dosage information – a helpful record for your doctor. $2.99
  2. Diet Fitness Diary: Track your daily caloric intake, use the burn-meter to record calories burned and use daily tips and image gallery to learn how to live a healthier life. You can customize your wellness program and track your health history as well. $7.99
  3. FoodGauge: This is a food rating system that help you to make healthier eating choices by analyzing the types of food that you eat. When you enter the nutrition label information into the calculator, this tool will provide you with the food’s numerical score. FoodGauge is one of the most popular health and fitness Blackberry apps. $2.99
  4. Health Browser: A simple yet effective app that allows users to browse diseases, conditions, emergencies, drugs, tips, drug overdoses, drug conflict and images. $7.99
  5. Hypertension: Use this app to learn more about blood pressure, including lifestyle changes, a diet plan, information about medications and diet supplements and more. Use calculators for BMI, metabolic syndrome, coronary artery disease risk and stroke risk. $9.99
  6. My Fitness Friends: This app provides a comprehensive exercise databse that shows you 36 different exercises that you can do from anywhere and doesn’t require special equipment. $3.99
  7. KeepFit: This app is filled with facts and tips that you can use to learn more about natural foods and how they can affect your health. Use an alphabetical index of 45 items and learn about fruit juices and healing foods. Sponsored by Nature Cure with Natural Foods. $4.99
  8. Mobile Rush-Hour Recipes On-Line Edition: Holly Clegg’s highly-popular recipes can come to the rescue of any busy person with her easy options for dinner. Meals include “trim&Terrific” options with instructions, shopping lists, photos and nutritional information. Expect banner advertisements appropriate to the content. $4.99
  9. Runner and Fitness Cog: This is a handy app for runners and athletes that includes eleven utilities for various fitness calculations. All tools support U.S. standard English and metric measurements. Calculate pace, time or distance and you even can track the usage (mileage) of your shoes. $2.99
  10. Total Fitness: This Blackberry app allows you to manage daily nutrition, exercise and health in one of the most advanced and complete fitness software programs available. Track your daily food intake, try the workout routines and track health data such as body weight, blood pressure and more. $4.99

Blackberry Apps Between $10 and $20

  1. Diet Science: This app provides a deeper understanding about the food you eat. Many calculators, nutritional pyramids and diets included, so you can learn more about how to develop a balanced and healthy diet for your lifestyle. $10.99
  2. FitDeck Mobile: A popular app that helps users get fit and stay fit. The exercises contained within this app require no weights or equipment as are designed for people of any fitness level. The exercises include simple descriptive images and instructions and users can shuffle exercises to create variety. $14.99
  3. Glycemic Index Meal Planner: Do you need a meal planner that calculates overall Glycemic Index (GI) and Glycemic Load (GL)? This app can help build healthy diets for diabetics, for weight loss, for sports performance and more. $13.99
  4. Health Diet Manager: This health and diet manager comes with an extensive food database that includes menus from fast-food restaurants, too. Users can take advantage of a manager that tracks point balances (for diet programs such as WeightWatchers) and a means to track health-related data such as pulse rate, glucose and insulin levels, hours of sleep and much more. $19.99

Blackberry Apps Over $20

  1. 5 Minute Clinical Consult for Mobile and Web: Receive fast and to-the-point guidance on diagnoses and treatments for over 700 medical conditions seen in everyday practice. Although geared toward medical practice, this app is available to anyone who wants information about diagnoses, treatment, medications, follow-up and patient teaching tools. $79.99
  2. Ascendo Fitness Diet and Exercise Assistant: Set objectives, track nutrition, exercise and strength training, measure your progress with graphs and calculate several fitness ratios using personal information in U.S. or metric measurements. This app includes a Windows desktop companion, which includes a comprehensive list of 7,293 nutrition items based upon the USDA Standard Reference Database. $29.99
  3. Taber’s Medical Dictionary for Mobile and Web: Medical students, clinicians and citizens can gain access to over 60,000 entries, 1,000 illustration and 30,000 integrated audio pronunciations with this health-science dictionary. When you download this app, you can receive one year of access to Tabers.com. $49.99
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