Top 40 Medical Career Blogs

If you are interested in a career in the medical field, it can help to get advice from people who have already been there. Many professionals write blogs now, and they can provide helpful insight into what you need to do in order to become successful in a variety of medical careers. Here are 50 of the top medical career blogs:

General Health and Medical Career Blogs

192px-star_of_life2svgYou can get the latest news in the health and medical industry, as well as learn helpful information about a variety of professions in health and medical careers.

  1. Health Careers Blog from About.com provides information about careers in health and medical fields. Includes news about prominent players in medical careers.
  2. Health Care Employment Opportunities This blogs offers information about careers in health care, as well as posts about health and wellness.
  3. Cal’s Career Center Health Team is a blog from University of California Berkeley that is aimed at helping pre-med and pre-health students figure out what they need to do to land jobs in medical careers.
  4. Premier Health Careers Blog offers information about the medical and health professions. Also includes information on hot jobs, so that you know which medical careers are in high demand.
  5. Explore Health Careers helps potential medical workers learn more about the environment, and see what is needed in today’s health care industry.
  6. Health Careers Center at the University of Minnesota is very helpful in terms of sharing information about medical careers, public health and different fields related to medicine and health care.
  7. Health 2.0 Blog offers information on the latest practices and health technology for medical careerists and students.

Nursing Blogs

Nursing is one of the medical careers in highest demand right now. There are a number blogs devoted to the nursing profession, offering a number of insights and stories about working in this demanding profession.

  1. Emergiblog takes a look at nursing today, and the issues that faces nurses — and their patients.
  2. Codeblog looks at life as an Intensive Care nurse. Interesting insights into the nursing profession.
  3. The Nursing Site Blog is written by Kathy Quan, who has been an RN for more than 30 years and shares her experiences.
  4. Head Nurse provides information on different situations that arise in a number of medical careers.
  5. Call Bells Make Me Nervous looks at the adventures of a new nurse, and her look at medical careers and nursing today.
  6. Impacted Nurse follows the exploits of an experienced male nurse.
  7. PixelRN blogs about the ups and downs of a nursing career.

Physician Blogs

Many physicians have blogs. You can read about what it’s like to be a doctor, and some anecdotes from a variety of medical fields.

  1. A Change to Cut is a Chance to Cure looks at life and medicine from the perspective of a general surgeon.
  2. RangelMD.com provides a look at the medical and health care industry, including regulations, career information and other issues.
  3. DB’s Medical Rants offers insight into medical and health care issues, from a doctor’s point of view.
  4. NHS Blog Doctor provides a look at health and health care, as well as explores the career of a doctor.
  5. DoctorMental writes about his career as a physician, and adds thoughts on other issues facing the health care industry.
  6. KevinMD.com provides information about medical trends, the industry and what it’s like to be a doctor.

Dentist Blogs

Learn what it is like to be a dentist, and learn how to look for dental jobs.

  1. Dentist Job Blog provides a look at different jobs available for dentists, and where the hot markets for dentists are.
  2. Pediatric Dentistry offers helpful information on what it’s like to be a pediatric dentist, and provides insight on different uses for dentistry.
  3. Take Care Of Your Teeth provides information on dental hygiene and a look at practices in the dental medical field.
  4. Dental Blogs is meant for those interested in the dental field. It provides a look at oral health, and some of the issues facing dentistry.
  5. The Digital Dentist looks at how tecnology can enhance dental practices. This blog is aimed at helping career dentists accomplish more.
  6. Brookside Dental’s Blog focuses on cosmetic dentistry. Information about careers and issues in a dental practice.

Medical Technician Blogs

Don’t want to become a doctor or a nurse, but still want to work in the medical field? Medical technician can be a great career.

  1. The Student Radiographer follows a student technician and provides insights into the career.
  2. Tomography Blog provides information about working as a medical technician as well as hosting a place where medical technicians can connect.
  3. Cool MRI Stuff offers interesting information on health care, working as a medical technician and tips on living in general.
  4. X-Ray Technician Blog looks at the ins and outs of being an x-ray technician, and includes information on jobs available to technicians.
  5. Musculoskeletal and Orthopedic MRI focuses on different techniques that can help you improve your work as an MRI technician.
  6. RadGirl Radiology Blog is written by a student embarking on a career as a technician. Interesting information on career outlooks as well.

Medical Transcription, Coding and Billing Blogs

You don’t have to actually be working on patients in order to have a medical career. You can provide support through medical transcription, coding and billing.

  1. Medical Transcription Blog at the MT Herald offers a look at the job of being a transcriptionist and provides helpful hints for making a career of it.
  2. Medical Transcription: What’s in it for you? focuses on tips and hints for becoming a successful medical transcriptionist.
  3. Medical Transcription Blog provides information on becoming a transcriptionist, job outlook and earnings information.
  4. Medical Billing Blog offers helpful information for those who want to be involved in medical billing, with a special emphasis on those with their own businesses.
  5. Medical Coding and Billing looks at how you can find jobs as a coder or biller.
  6. Medical Coding Blog focuses on how you can make medical coding a good career.
  7. Medical Coding Journal offers information on compliance and billing, helping professionals with their careers.
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