Wellness.Edu: 25 Bookmark-worthy Cheat Sheets for Healthy Living

Why a cheat sheet? Because it takes less energy to use what’s available than to re-create the wheel. You can then use that energy to change your bad habits and to develop a healthier lifestyle in the process. Plus, you have no room to procrastinate once you click on any link provided below, because cheat sheets eliminate thinking. Just follow the advice, and you’re good to go.

The following twenty-five bookmark-worthy links are categorized, and each link is listed in alphabetical order within each category. This method assures our readers that we do not favor one resource over another.


You are what you eat, and others are making it easier to find those healthy food choices. Use the “cheat sheets” below to learn quickly about how to eat healthier.

  1. Food for Thought: Nothing like a cheat sheet for a cheat sheet – this list provides reviews on some books that might change your health through changing your eating habits.
  2. Learn about Local Harvests: CSAs, or Community Supported Agriculture, is making a comeback. Learn about your local resources at Local Harvest.
  3. Nutritional Scoring System: Developed by a recognized team of nutrition and medical experts from leading health organizations and universities, the NuVal System is a food scoring system that helps consumers see – at a glance – the nutritional value of the food they buy.
  4. Stake Out Your Territory: You may live in an area filled with bad choices. Breaking bad eating habits will be harder in the areas covered in this Forbes article.
  5. Ten Worst Foods You Can Eat: Here’s an easy list of items to avoid at all costs if you want to get or stay healthy.
  6. The Five Most Unhealthful Fast Food “Value Menu” Items [PDF]: If you’re operating on a slim budget, which value menu items from fast food restaurants should you avoid at all costs? This report, from the Cancer Project, will tell you.
  7. Unhealthy Chinese-Food Choices: Do you believe that eating Oriental food is healthier? You may be in for a surprise.


If you want a real cheat sheet, then you’ll use press release information that newspapers and other news media use. The following can put you ahead of the game and provide you with news you may have missed.

  1. EPA Newsroom: Learn more about environmental news in your area through this site.
  2. Eurekalert: This site is a goldmine for cheat-sheet fanatics. They cover every possible health category, bringing press releases straight to your computer on topics such as medicine and health and agriculture, or the food you eat.
  3. FDA Press Releases: The FDA, or Food and Drug Administration, issues warning, recalls and more.
  4. Harvard School of Public Health: Use these news items to learn more about international health issues – topics that may not be covered locally.
  5. HHS Newsroom: The press releases issued here concern news generated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
  6. National Institutes of Health: This Web page lists news and events offered by the nation’s medical research agency. Most of the news here focuses on catastrophic diseases such as cancer, heart disease and AIDS.


At some point in your life you may need to take medications. Are they safe? What do they do? Are there generic equivalents available? These cheat sheets answer all those questions and more.

  1. AAAAI Allergy and Asthma Drug Guide: If you suffer from allergies, learn quickly about brand names, active ingredients, doses and which types of allergy they are used for at this site.
  2. Consumer Tips: The California Department of Consumer Affairs offers a list of items to do when you need to take prescription drugs. Very easy.
  3. Generic Equivalent Listing: Some brand name medications are available under multiple names. This list may not include all of the brand names that are available for a specific drug, but it’s a good start.
  4. Drugs.com Pill Identifier: This site goes one step beyond the RXList site listed below, as it covers non-generic drugs as well as generic medications.
  5. RXList: If you’re having trouble identifying generic pills, you can use this site to gain control.
  6. Tips from Pharmacists: Read through this list once, and you’ll learn almost everything you need to know about prescriptions. But, keep it on hand to follow the links to learn more.

Sports and Exercise

Exercise is for people who have willpower, right? Not necessarily. If you can walk in your sleep, then you’re exercising. It’s really that easy. The following cheat sheets will make it easier.

  1. Back Exercises for Beginners [PDF]: Trouble with the back? Use this cheat sheet, one that includes photos, to go through a simple routine quickly and easily.
  2. Diet and Exercise Tips: Want an easy list that will add to your healthy lifestyle? This one covers it all.
  3. Facts About U.S. Government’s Exercise Tips: Talk about easy – this article does all the thinking for you and provides you with a free printable exercise log sheet.
  4. Food and Exercise Tips to Lose Weight: Use the information here to learn more about calories and how to burn them.
  5. Sports Injury Prevention and Treatment: Here’s a quick rundown on how to prevent injury and how to treat an injury once it happens.
  6. Weight Loss Diet and Exercise Cheat Sheet: Want to be reminded how many calories you need to lose to lose a pound of fat? Or, do you need to be reminded about what you need to do today to lose that pound? This is your cheat sheet.
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