20 Useful Online Tutorials for Nursing Assistants

Becoming a nursing assistant is harder than it sounds. Everything from taking classes to passing the CNA exam can all be a lot for any student to handle. And nursing students, especially those who are taking classes online, can find themselves with more questions than answers. To keep from sending in an email to your online professor or signing up for an in person class, why not look up the answer on the web?

There are many who have become nursing assistants who share their knowledge on the web, often times at no charge. To help connect you with them, we have listed 20 useful online tutorials for nursing assistants. They can help everyone from the nursing assistant student to the practicing CNA.

Useful Educational Online Tutorials for Nursing Assistants

Learn more about the educational side of becoming a nursing assistant with these tutorials.

  1. What You Need to Know About Being a CNA
    The bloggers at Nursing Assistants.net bring you loads of information and tutorials on the career. In this popular section, they address what a nursing assistant does, why to be one, and the answers to many other questions. You can also find many other entries on the topic.
  2. Certified Nursing Aide Vocabulary Tutorial
    This site provides a list for nursing aides to ensure that they’re prepared to speak with doctors and nurses about patient care.
  3. Red Cross CNA Training
    The Red Cross is well known for its responses to disasters and helping of its victims. Use this tutorial to learn more about how you can get training for nurse assistants at your local branch. There are also other tips for CNAs here.
  4. CNA Certification Test
    The requirements to become a nursing assistant differ from state to state, but there is often an exam to get a license. Stop here to get a tutorial on the exam, its components, and more.
  5. Guide to Taking a CNA Practice Test
    If you feel you aren’t quite ready for the CNA test, check out this tutorial on the practice test from CNA Certification. They list different links which can help you take a practice test online. The site also has more for nursing assistants.
  6. CNA Certification Test
    If ready for the real thing, click here. CNA Schools has this tutorial on taking and passing the CNA test. You can also find practice tests, exam questions, and even information by state.
  7. CNA Training Programs
    Get loads of help choosing from and passing nursing assistant programs here. It is the forum from All Nurses and has many entries on the topic. View the latest, or add your own question or tutorial.
  8. Getting Free Test Questions
    Get a tutorial on how to learn the practice of CNA with a visit here. The guide lists schools and universities that give free help to CNAs and their addresses. You can also get help with certification, finding job, and the CNA registry.
  9. Checking Blood Pressure
    Click here to get an instructional video from Avanzaedu. It shows the exact process for checking blood pressure for nursing assistants. It demonstrates each skill in the CNA Candidate Handbook step by step.
  10. Stan the Man
    If he is used in your nursing assistant program, this is the video tutorial for you. GTI shows how the dummy helps nursing assistant students learn. There are also other medical videos for the viewing here.

Useful Practicing Online Tutorials for Nursing Assistants

If practicing as a nursing assistant, or just working in the field, these tutorials can help improve your skills.

  1. Critical Care Tutorials for Medical and Nursing Professionals
    The folks at Certified Nursing Assistant.org are the authors behind this tutorial. It includes items on respiratory failure, shock, renal failure, and others. Treatments and first aid are discussed.
  2. How to Request Reciprocity
    If looking to get another state to accept your approval, stop here for a tutorial from the National Network of Career Nursing Assistants. They give you the basics as well as action steps. The main site has more for nursing assistants.
  3. CNA Training Solution
    You don’t have to attend here to get tutorials for nursing assistants. Simply sign up for their free newsletter that is full of training tips and tutorials. The latest involves resident abuse.
  4. Gotta Keep Moving
    Learn all about how to be a nursing assistant from someone who already is. K. Tree works as one in a nursing home and blogs all about her adventures here. This particular one was on why learning things was good.
  5. Errors and Mistakes
    We all make them, but nursing assistants have a large stake in what their errors and mistakes can cost. In this tutorial, the downside of mistakes just for nursing assistants is shared. Get a guide that describes some of the most common errors, as well as how to prevent them.
  6. Just for CNAs
    The folks here have load of tools and tutorials just for nursing assistants. They have a free service just for them and this video shows you how to get it. There are also other paid tutorials on client care, disease process, and more.
  7. Certified Nursing Aide Vocabulary Tutorial
    Get an A to Z list of words all nursing assistants should know with a visit here. Caregiver List has loads of lists for medical professionals including CNAs. The list is also expected to be known when taking the Certified Nursing Aide and Home Health Aide exam.
  8. How to Write a Nursing Assistant Resume
    Everyone needs one to get a job, so learn how to do it right here. Medical Career Site gives you a free tutorial on the do’s and don’ts of resume writing. You can even get a free sample.
  9. Delmar Cengage Learning
    If looking to invest a little money into your nurse assisting career, stop here. It features all the training items from Delmar including books, software, videos, and more. Topics include everything from the basics to writing skills.
  10. Get CNA Jobs
    If you have a question on how to get a job as a nursing assistant, click here. They have loads of discussions on the topic. A few of the most current include personal care aide and caregivers.

And there is far more on the web than covered in the above 20 useful online tutorials for nursing assistants. If you need help learning more about careers, jobs, and average salary for a CNA, click here.

James McIver