15 Informative Q&A Sites to Learn About the Duties and Responsibilities of Nursing Assistants

Working in health care can be a very rewarding career. Nursing assistants have the satisfaction of seeing how their efforts can help others. Becoming a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) can provide you with the ability to help others, while earning a good salary.

However, before you decide on a career as a CNA, it is important to understand the job, and some of the duties you will be expected to perform. Learning about the career before you start taking classes is important, and can help you determine if being a CNA is really the path for you. If you want to learn more about being a nursing assistant, here are 25 informative Q&A web sites that can answer most of your questions:

  1. National Network of Career Nursing Assistants: If you have questions about what a nursing assistant does, they can be answered on this web site. Find out about career options, as well as duties.
  2. Nurse.com: Visit this web site for answers to all things nurse related. This includes information on CNAs. A great section on FAQs about different nursing careers. Find out more about the job duties performed by a nursing assistant.
  3. 4CNAs: This online magazine takes a look at different aspects of being a nursing assistant. Get information on job duties, and have your questions about a career as a nursing assistant answered by professionals.
  4. Job Duties of a Hospital CNA: eHow offers this great article detailing the job duties of a nursing assistant working in a hospital. Great insight into what you might do as a CNA.
  5. Certified Nursing Assistant Job Description: A quick overview of nursing assistants do in a handy Q&A format. Find out more about the specific job duties you will perform. Also includes some information on different responsibilities you will have in different health care settings. A great CNA job overview.
  6. CNA Career: Have your questions about duties, training and salary answered by this web site. A great resource for learning more about being a nursing assistant.
  7. Nurse Together: This web site offers answers to FAQs about a number of nursing subjects and careers, and includes a section devoted nursing assistants.
  8. Certified Nursing Assistant: A great web site with a number of resources related to being a nursing assistant. Answers to questions about job duties and responsibilities are present, as well as information about how to get ready to become a CNA, and find a job as a CNA.
  9. Health Career Web: This web site features answers to questions about a wide variety of health careers, including nursing assistant jobs. Look through different possibilities, and learn the duties of a CNA.
  10. Nursing Assistant Resources on the Web: A great Q&A web site that addresses different aspects of being a nursing assistant. You can learn more about expected job duties, as well as find out more about the qualities CNAs are expected to possess. Get help in learning more about caring for patients in different settings as well.
  11. The Responsibilities of a Nursing Assistant: Find out more about the job responsibilities of nursing assistants. This in-depth look at CNAs offer you answers about tasks you will accomplish, as well as possible work settings associated with being a nursing assistant.
  12. Nursing Assistant Job Responsibilities: Get a look at the basic responsibilities of being a nursing assistant. Find out more about becoming a CNA, and the tasks that you will be in charge of if you decide that nursing assisting is for you.
  13. CNA Certification and Training: Use this web site as a resource to learn about nursing assistant jobs and duties. Includes information on exams, and also has links to useful videos.
  14. Become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA): This web site can answer your questions about different CNA duties in different settings, such as nursing homes and hospitals. A great way to learn about specialized situations that CNAs might be involved in.
  15. Certified Nursing Assistant Career: Includes answers to questions about exams, duties of CNAs and more. Find out more about becoming a CNA, as well as the types of things you will do once you are properly certified.
James McIver