40 Useful Job Sites for Nursing Assistants

Because nurses are more in demand, so too are nursing assistants. But how can you take advantage of this growing opportunity? As sure as there are more and more jobs out there, the number of qualified candidates is also sure to grow. Although not all nursing assistant schools are the same, the way to apply for these jobs is shifting to an almost exclusively online endeavor.

To help keep you ahead of the latest trends and job opportunities, we have assembled 40 useful job sites for nursing assistants below. They can tell you about the latest job openings, give you useful tips and timely news, and even tell you more about nursing options overseas.

Useful Nurse Job Sites for Nursing Assistants

    1. Nurse Zone
      Get the nursing career you want with the help of this site. It has loads of articles and job openings to satisfy anyone. They even have interviewing tips, resume help, and more just for nurses.


    1. Nurse Connect
      The Jobs Center here has the latest nursing jobs. You can also sort by specialty such as neonatal, oncology, and many others. There is also an active nursing community with tons of questions and answers.


    1. Nurse RX
      It is no secret that nurses are in demand. No matter where your location, this site can help you find a job. Simply call their 800 number or check out the site with more.


    1. Nursing Jobs
      Do a quick search for CNA on this site. In addition to many job postings, they also have the latest news on nursing careers. You can also sign up for job alerts, or post your resume.


    1. Nurse.com
      Another massive nurse site, they also have a special section for jobs. Clicking on it gives you many specialties to choose from in everything from aesthetic to wound care. You can also get many other career tools and resources here.


    1. Nurse Finders
      They are an AMN Healthcare Company that specializes in placing nurses. Use it to find loads of nursing jobs, including just those in nursing assistance. You can even learn more about their Loyalty Rewards program.


    1. Best Nurse Jobs
      Here, you can view nursing job listings and apply directly to hospitals, medical centers, private practices, and more. You can also browse through the many jobs they offer. You can even check out their featured employers, or sign up for an account.


    1. NSNA
      The National Student Nurses Association does more than just help students through nursing school. With a Career Center, they also feature jobs just for nursing graduates. Simply click on your state to begin, or take advantage of one of their many other resources.


    1. Nurse Jobs US
      Main categories here include travel nursing, per diem nursing, and permanent placement. You can apply online after inputting your preferences. The nursing recruiters can also contact you.


    1. Nursing Assistant Jobs
      This job search is part of Top USA Jobs. With a special category for nursing assistants, you can get the openings, where they are listed, and a description of the job. They also have boards for other nursing positions.


Useful Health Job Sites for Nursing Assistants

    1. Health Career Web
      Not all healthcare job sites are built equally and they understand this. The main page allows you to search for jobs in nursing, allied health, physician, and even administration with a simple click. They also have loads of articles and blogs on the industry to tell you more.


    1. Health eCareers
      You can choose from a number of healthcare careers with a simple visit, including nursing. There are also physician assistant, allied health, counseling, and many others. They even have specialty choices such as pharmacy and therapy.


    1. Healthcare Source
      Get over 1,500 leading employers across the country on one site here. They have tools such as Position Manager and TestSource with even more. There are also webinars available.


    1. Hospital Jobs Online
      If looking to work as a nursing assistant in a hospital, stop here. Simply select your state, category, and job type to begin. They also have directories of hospitals.


    1. Medzilla
      If looking for a nursing position in healthcare, this site has you covered. However, it also includes positions in science, pharmaceutical, and even the biotechnology industry. They also have guides for headhunters and associations.


    1. All Healthcare Jobs
      The search engine allows you to type in your keyword and location to begin looking. Scroll down to get career news and advice. You can also browse by job title, including many nursing options.


    1. Healthcare Jobsite
      This job site is sponsored by Beyond.com. There are over 80,000 healthcare jobs with over 30,000 posted in the last seven days. You can even check out their featured healthcare company by scrolling down.


    1. About Health Careers
      There may not be any job postings on this site, but it is still worth a look. Andrea Santiago is the expert guide to health careers from the basics to the best places to work. There are also videos profiling different options.


    1. Healthcare Jobs
      Get an A to Z listing of healthcare jobs on the homepage here. You can also use the search option to narrow it down. They also have sections on education and a book catalog.


    1. Absolutely Health Care
      Browse over 275,000 jobs across the U.S. You can even get licensing information and salary data. There are also deals for those posting jobs here.


Useful General Job Sites for Nursing Assistants

    1. Monster
      One of the reasons this site is so popular remains the number of job postings. Several jobs a day in just nursing assisting can be found. It is also one of the most popular resume posting sites on the web.


    1. Indeed
      This is one of the leading job sites because they often provide detailed information on jobs. This can include salaries for the job, as well as for related. You can also choose nursing assistant jobs based on full time, part time, contract, and more.


    1. Simply Hired
      Like the above, nursing assistant jobs can be sorted by a variety of means. Top employers here include Kaiser Permanente and HCR Manorcare. You can also narrow by job type and education.


    1. Nurse Assistant Salary
      Salary.com is one of the leading sites for salary information. Not only can you get the low and high ends on one graph, but they also have job openings on the right hand column. You can also check out tips on education and career.


    1. Career Builder
      There are many nursing jobs to choose from here, including nursing assistant. You can narrow the search by category, company, and city. There are also useful advice and resources on the site.


    1. Employment Guide
      Their tagline is “let us be your guide.” They do just that by listing loads of jobs for certified nursing assistants here. They also have more on job fairs.


    1. The Ladders
      They have an unusual approach to job hunting, which revolves around quality, not quantity. With more personal options, there can be loads of help from the over 12,000 that visit on a regular basis to jumpstart a career. There are also paid options with even more to help you find a job.


    1. LinkedIn
      Not necessarily a job search site, LinkedIn can make the most of a professional social network. Posting your profile here can let employers both on the site and off review your credentials. You can also stay informed on your contacts and industry with their help.


    1. Craigslist
      If having trouble finding a job the traditional internet way, try the unusual. Craigslist is notorious for having tons of listings in all areas from jobs to questionable personal ads. However, the savvy job searcher with good timing can find something worthwhile.


    1. Snag a Job
      Scroll down to view CNA jobs or type your zip code in to find local jobs. They even have an Answer section where the community asks and answers questions regarding the job hunt.


Other Useful Job Sites for Nursing Assistants

    1. Travel Nursing
      Want to be a nursing assistant and travel at the same time? Then check out this leading job site for travel nurses. You can search jobs by discipline, specialty, state, and even city.


    1. Travel Nurses Now
      Similar to the above, this is a job site for travel nurses. Register to get more information on loads of travel nursing opportunities. They can also help with permanent positions.


    1. Advantage RN
      If you haven’t found what you are looking for above, then stop here for the job site of another travel nurse placement company. A standout feature is both the profiles of nurses and recruiters.


    1. USA Jobs
      Want to be a nursing assistant for the government? Then check out the database at USA Jobs. You can narrow the search by health and medical, and of course, nursing. They even have many positions available for students.


    1. How to Become a CNA
      The blog is all about becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. They have useful articles from the basics to how to get certified. There is even job help, such as writing your resume.


    1. Discover Nursing
      This site is a great place to get the answers to many basic nursing questions. This particular section has more information on job opportunities. You can also read the profiles of real nurses here.


    1. RN Jobs Finder
      If you have an RN license, click here. It contains a steady stream of jobs for registered nurses. You can also narrow for CNA certification.


    1. Health Career
      If looking for a job in Australia, click here. It lists many openings across the nation in health care. There is also an FAQ that is worth reading.


    1. NHS
      The National Health Service staffs nurses all around the UK. In this special section, they have more on what they are looking for in nursing assistants. You can also check out the job vacancies.


    1. Canadian Nurse
      Those interested in becoming a nursing assistant in Canada can visit here. They have a CNA certification that is similar to the one in the U.S. Visit here for more along with job openings.


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