3 Biggest Challenges of Being a Medical Assistant

Definitely, there is no such thing as a perfect job. CEO’s of major corporations are encountering problems in their businesses everyday. What if you are the handling people’s lives? Imagine those challenges. For sure, though you are the one of the most proficient workers in the office, you will still face adversities and difficulties in your job.

At present, the role of Medical Assistants in the health care sysytem is rapidly expanding. Besides their common administrative responsibilities, they also work closely with patients, doctors, nurses,and other medical employees. They see to it that everything is in order. Despite the fact that they try their best to perform their duties, challenges are inevitably seen. Here are some of them:


Difficult patients


In a regular shift, Medical Assistants can bump into various people with deviating personalities. Patients and visitors may come from different walks of life. Not everyday is perfect and for sure, the day will not end without one challenging patient who does not but find fault. The cases may vary greatly – from an old granny who keeps on coming back complaining about her bad day to a young parent who can’t be still because she can’t pay her bills. Even in those situations,the medical assistant must maintain their professionalism and show patience and gentleness to all.




Medical assistants must be good communicators. Since they commonly commune with the doctor(s), they need to convey the message clearly and precisely. Besides vocal communication, medical assistants are mainly in charge of other administrative responsibilities and they need to ensure that all their writings and notes are decipherable.


Patient Closeness


All medical staff must be professional at all times. Avoid personal and emotional affiliation as not to cloud the decision making. Then again, if dealing with lives, it may be difficult not to be affected when someone dies. Yes, people are emotional beings. However, it is the resposibility of the health staff to stay professional and composed.

The things mentioned above are some of the commom challenges faced by medical assistants and for sure by other health care providers as well. Being a health care provider is not an easy task. People expect too much from doctors, nurses and other hospital staff. People trust that their health is in good hands. Since people are going to hospitals and clinics daily to get medical assistance and to improve their lives, it is crucial to avoid errors by staying logical in such a stressful environment.

Celeste Botonakis

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