3 Top – Selling Books for Nurses

Being a nursing assistant is one of the most demanding jobs in america, says a Cornell University gerontologist. These professionals require emotional strength and interpersonal skill as they confront on-the-job suffering, dementia and mortality everyday.

While there are a lot of books on medical assisting available to help nursing assistants better cope with the stress an demands of their jobs,as well as the career aspect of nursing assisting. There are 3 top selling books for nurses that are very helpful and filled with helpful information.

Being a Nursing Assistant By Francine Wolgin

This book is keeping pace with current developments and improvements in the health care field, this #1-rated resource and reference manual covers the basics of providing care to a variety of patients, and helps users understand and appreciate the scope of the work and duties they will be expected to master and perform within their specific job. This book offers 35 detailed chapters on everything from the healthcare system to communication skills, infection control, safety, the patient’s environment, emergency care, measuring vital signs, patient nutrition, specimen collection, care of the surgical patient, neonatal and pediatric care, long-term care, and much more.

Lippincott’s Essentials for Nursing Assistants By Pamela J. Carter

Thoroughly updated for its second edition, Lippincott’s Essentials for Nursing Assistants provides the foundational concepts and facts that a nursing assistant needs to function competently in the workplace, be it a long-term facility, an acute care facility, or a home health agency. Geared to students enrolled in “essentials” courses, this book includes only the most basic, essential information.

Basic Skills For Nursing Assistants By Shelia A. Sorrentino, and Bernie Gorek

This new, concise, streamlined textbook addresses all OBRA-mandated responsibilities for nursing assistants working in long-term facilities. The nursing assistant’s responsibilities related to the care of residents in long term facilities are described, as identified in the OBRA regulations, both in scope and sequence. Over 60 procedures stress quality of life and are divided into pre-procedure, procedure, and post procedure sections for easier learning. Hundreds of full-color photos and drawings engage students’ interest and clearly show how to perform important tasks.

Celeste Botonakis

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