5 Things Medical Assistants Learn On The Job!

The job description of a certified medical assistant can cross many areas. You will have both administrative duties and practical ones, ranging from updating patient charts, taking vitals signs, educating patients, preparing them for treatments, and helping conduct exams.

Furthermore, you will be responsible for taking samples for lab work, sterilizing equipment, and depending on the requirements in each state, you could also take on additional duties like administering medication, instructing patients on proper diets, taking blood samples and suturing. There is a great range of tasks to handle, which is why the right training and amount of clinical practice beforehand is essential in easing you into the work.


When I first started working as a medical assistant at the doctor’s office, it was a really busy place. I was answering phones and updating charts and checking in patients. I hardly took the time to breathe. I learned the job is easier when you don’t rush yourself, You make fewer mistakes.

Problem Solving

Sometimes I deal with upset patients. It could be they’ve had a bad day, or they are struggling to get an insurance claim settled. I learned that if I stay calm and listen to them, I can do more than just answer their questions and work out problems. I can actually make them feel better.


There’s a lot going on in the doctor’s office where I work. The doctors and nurses and medical assistants have all learned how to work together. I think we work so well together because we are all focused on our patients. Getting them checked in, updating their charts, getting them examined by the doctor – we’ve made it a science. We can anticipate what needs to happen next and take care of business.


I work in a private practice. Working as a medical assistant in a doctor’s office brings challenges. Sometimes we lose patients, and that can be really hard to deal with. But I’ve learned how to handle my own grief and help families through those really hard times. But I think I’m a better person for the skills I’ve learned here.


Being a medical assistant has been challenging – there is so much you have to know and so much you are responsible for when it comes to a patient’s health and privacy – but succeeding at my job has really built up my self-esteem. And because I have a solid background in the health care industry, I feel like I’m more prepared.

Celeste Botonakis

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