How To Accept Your Boss’ Criticism With Class

One thing that a lot of people have problems dealing with in the workplace is criticism. It can destroy confidence and might be a cause for some people to quit. However, when taken well, criticism can do wonders to your performance and can be one of your greatest lessons in becoming a better employee.

You’re not perfect. As soon as you accept that – really accept it – then half the battle is already won. Most people have problems dealing with negative assessments because they think they’ve done the best job anyone could have done and to question that is not only hurtful but also unbelievable.

Check your output. Most of the time, there is some truth in criticism. Before you get defensive and whiny, check first if there is some truth in what your boss is telling you, and chances are you’ll find something you need to fix.

Pay attention. When your work is being reviewed, it is essential that you pay attention to what your boss is saying. Take notes. This can serve two purposes. One, and the most important, your boss will be under the impression that you are a willing student and that you will implement all suggestions given. And two, there will surely be something in your notes that can be of help when you’re faced with a similar assignment in the future.

Learn. Look for something that will help you do your job better. Bosses mostly don’t criticize employees just for the heck of it. The most important thing to walk away from an evaluation is a lesson that will help you become a better employee.

Let it go. Don’t go planning the downfall of your boss and his immediate family. This does not only cause more stress, but also prolongs whatever bad feelings you might have. Learn to accept, then let go. Move on to the next project. Keep the lesson, let go of the grudge. You will feel so much better. And on top of that, expect huge improvements in your future undertakings.

Celeste Botonakis

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