How To Cope With Unruly Patients

In the healthcare field, you will encounter people of different demeanors. Some appreciative of the care they receive, others not so much. This can be tough when you feel criticized when all you’re trying to do is help your patient. Here’s how to deal with others.

Keep Your Attitude Positive

When I get to work I approach my day with a Positive Attitude. If you go into your workplace with a horrible attitude it will waft around you and just make your day worse. Don’t think that every patient you come across will be a nasty one. There will be some days your patients will be mean, and rude.

There are definitely, many very appreciative and polite people out there. I treat everyone as how I myself would like to be treated. Give everyone your respect, and you just may get back in return, Don’t expect others to be as respectful as you are. Give kind words to the situation, and then leave it at that.

Prepare for Violent Patients

Violent patients need to be dealt with in special ways,each in their own. Assess the situation and how to not provoke angry behavior and how not to get yourself or others hurt. It’s good to have your eyes on the patient at all times and a exit plan of the doorway in view as well at all times.

Empathize With the Patient – Within Reason

You cannot take what a patient says personally. People have different styles and coping behaviors when they are frightened. Disruptive patients can upset others waiting to see the physician. While it is unnecessary to give in to reasonable demands of a patient, realize that the patient is upset and is expressing the need for you to listen carefully and not judge. If possible try to gently direct the patient’s comments to the solution of the problem.

The job of the Medical Assistant is to remain calm and use Professional techniques to direct the patient’s anger into a positive channel. Remember that patients come in to see the physician because they have a problem. Never treat them in a condescending manner.

Like most things in life, nothing goes as planned. Being a nurse you experience a lot of ups and downs, whether it relates to your profession or your personal life. We are all human and we are all wired to feel, but as a nurse you must try and be a little more resilient than the average person. Your job is the most difficult and trying of all professions and it’s hard to maintain a neutrality when dealing with emotion. You knew coming into this job that there will be those times when it seems nothing is going your way, just remember tomorrow will bring a new beginning. You can’t let every little thing bring you down. If that’s the case, I suggest you find yourself a new occupation, otherwise you’ll never find the satisfaction that can be with a nurse career.

Celeste Botonakis

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