How To Maintain Professional Relationships in the Office

You spend most of your time with them. With a single word, they can make or ruin your day. They know more about you than does your own mother. They’re your co-workers and your associates, your bosses and your employees, your clients and your colleagues. In fact , all of your workmates have an enormous impact on your mood,stress level, and emotional well-being.

It’s all too easy for relationships in the workplace to go sour. Unresolved conflict in a professional setting can cause stress for you and ultimately your loved ones. How many times have you anticipated escaping a bad day at work, only to arrive home in a good mood so unpleasant that you took out your bad temper on your spouse,kids,pets,or friends? Simply put, if your day is ruined, so is everyone else’s.

Here are some basic tips that will help you prevent conflict and maintain a good working relationship with your co-workers:


If you are unclear about something or didn’t understand what your boss or colleague was trying to say, as for clarification. You don’t want mess up the job. It’s always better to ask questions, you won’t get yelled at for asking to many but you will if you do something wrong.

Behave in a Professional Manner

If your boss walks past you, you want to be sitting properly in your desk. You do not want to be sitting with your legs kicked up and talking on your cell phone. Furthermore, you want to talk respectably towards everyone and not be rude, if you are,apologize for your action. Also, coming to work in short tight fitted clothing is not professional. Make sure you are dressed appropriately and in a sophisticated manner.

Take Initiative

If you see that a job needs to be done or if one of your colleagues needs some assistance, don’t wait for someone else to do the job, step up and do it yourself. Doing that will show what a hardworking person you are and it may lead into your promotion along with a thankful attitude from your colleague. Taking initiative reflective a good businessperson who knows their job and responsibilities.

Avoid Gossip

They say, “A person who is a gossip is a bore.” You should never talk to someone about other colleagues or your boss. Doing so simply gives you a bad reputation and unhappy colleagues and boss. If you anger or upset someone you work with you are creating a rough working conditions amongst each other and less hope of help and understanding.

Maintaining professional relationships in the office is not only good for your career but for your personal life as well. Being thought of highly by your colleagues may also help your standing as an employee. Several things you can do, and not do, will help you to develop long-standing positive relationships in the workplace.

Celeste Botonakis

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