Nursing Assistants in a Recession

As one of the top fastest growing careers in America right now sounds like an exciting opportunity and guaranteed job, you may find yourself sorely disappointed if you live in a market where everyone is attending schools for that same position. The decision of pursuing a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant is surely recession proof as people are for ever falling ill and they need assistance and this leads to more people opting for Certified Nursing Assistance Careers which are simply indispensable.

Nursing assistants play a valuable role in our society although they have long gone unrecognized over the years. With more and more patients opting for at-home treatment to get away from the dismal sights of hospital life, nursing assistants have found more job opportunities in an economy that has seen so many other opportunities shrivel up. Additionally, nursing assistants have become the “go to” of nurses who are too busy to spend a lot of time with their patients.

Nursing assistants provide basic bed care to patients all while under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. While they have limits in their respnsibilities, nursing assistants provide a basic standard of care to their patients and ensure that they are taken care of when nurses cannot focus on one out of twenty at a time. The medical community has remained a vital part of the economy in recent months as it is one of the only industries that still needs hundreds of positions filled. Additonally, rather than suffering through years of medical school, nursing assistants only requie minimal training.

Some hospitals have experienced cutbacks due to the over-experience of many of its staff and simply over booking nurses and doctors. These cutbacks have resulted in less nurses available in hospitals and therefore a higher ratio of nurse to patient. Nursing assistants do not require as much funding as nurses and are therefore the perfect solution to the problem: they can stay at the patient’s bedside and still remain within hospital budgets. Additionally, nursing assistants still pay more than minimum-wage and have the opportunity to move up in the hospital ranks if you earn additional administrative degrees.

Nursing is a career which is much less glamorous than television had idealized it to be through shows like ER and Grey’s Anatomy. Therfore, becoming a nursing assistant is the perfect way to ensure this is the field you want to go into. In this type of economy especially, you do not want to risk years and money in school for a career which you will end up hating. Therefore, nursing assistants are a valuable career both for hospitals and for many students who are uncertain of a future in medicine.

There are no recession-proof occupations. Given enough of an economic downturn even health care positions will get reduced. As people have less money, they are less likely to spend it even for the co-pay when they have insurance for some routine or non-emergency treatments. Most hospital based staff should be reasonably secure, but there will probably be a decrease in hiring of new staff and consolidation of units if possible if funding decreases, especially if insurance companies start to fail. However, most health care occupations are more recession-resistant than retail, manufacturing or business occupations.

Celeste Botonakis

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