Episode #2: Pioneer Network’s Joan Devine on Changing the Culture of Aging and Resident-Directed Care

Joan Devine

Pioneer Network’s director of education Joan Devine, RN shares her personal journey into nursing and discusses the concept of resident-directed care, and how it differs from task-centered and person-centered care paradigms.

The Pioneer Network is a national not-for-profit organization whose focus is educating caregivers to provide care that is truly centered on who the client is as a person, as well as their medical needs. Their mission is to empower residents and families to voice their preferences and effect culture change.

In Today’s Episode

  • Joan’s journey from a career in music therapy, to activities director, to nursing, and beyond.
  • Exploring nursing as a second career.
  • What culture change is.
  • How CNAs are crucial to culture change and resident-directed care.
  • Resources to learn more about resident-directed care.

Featured on Today’s Episode

More About Pioneer Network

Pioneer Network was founded in 1997 to effect culture change and support models where elders live in open, diverse, caring communities. Their mission is to facilitate a culture of aging that is life-affirming, satisfying, humane, and meaningful. They advocate for a shift from task-centered and person-centered care to resident-directed care.

The Pioneer Network hosts the nation’s leading conference dedicated to culture change and person-directed care. Their website features an online store that sells books, toolkits, and DVDs related to culture change and person-directed care.

They also have public advocacy meetings with Medicare and Medicaid administrators, providing input into regulations on nursing homes and home and community-based services, as well as the development of policy designed to effect culture change in the field.

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Featured Organization of the Week

Family Caregiver AllianceFamily members make up the majority of long-term care caregivers in the U.S. This week’s Featured Organization of the Week is San Francisco-based Family Caregiver Alliance. The FCA addresses the needs of families and friends who provide long-term care for loved ones at home. Their mission is to improve the quality of life for both caregivers and those they care for through policy, advocacy, and the resources they provide.

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