Episode #3: Jamie Davis the Podmedic Discusses Podcasting and Non-Traditional Nursing Roles

Jamie Davis the Podmedic

Today we are joined by the Podmedic himself — Jamie Davis, founder of MedicCast and host of the popular Nursing Notes Live Podcast.

Jamie is an RN, educator, author, serial entrepreneur, media personality and world-renowned podcast host. On today’s episode of the Nursing Assistant Podcast, he shares his journey into nursing, as well as his current endeavors as a media personality.

Listen in as we explore a non-traditional nursing role and discover how our unique traits and experiences can lead us in unexpected directions.

In Today’s Episode

  • Jamie’s journey from being an EMT/paramedic to an RN.
  • How his background in communications led him into podcasting.
  • Explore his many podcasts and discover how each has a specific audience.
  • How Nursing Notes Live delves into different nursing specialties.
  • How Jamie became affiliated with Johnson & Johnson’s Discover Nursing campaign.
  • Discussion of non-traditional nursing roles.

Featured on Today’s Episode

Featured Organization of the Week

Uniform Retailers AssociationOur Featured Organization of the Week is the Uniform Retailers Association, a Baltimore, Ohio-based non-profit trade association of independent uniform retailers. Their members are located around the world, operate hundreds of stores, employ thousands of full-time and part-time employees, and have estimated annual revenue in the millions of dollars.

Each year, the URA offers two scholarships (worth up to $2,000 annually) to qualified applicants seeking advancement in healthcare, medical business, or cardiac medicine.

The $500 Traditional Student Scholarship is awarded to a student studying healthcare or medical business management. The $1,500 David Nejberger Scholarship is awarded to a student pursuing medical studies with an emphasis on cardiac medicine.

This year’s applications are due June 30.

Click here for additional information and qualification requirements.

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