Episode #4: “Nerdy Nurse” Brittney Wilson on Nursing and Technology

Brittney Wilson the Nerdy Nurse

Registered nurse, author, blogger, international keynote speaker, and entrepreneur Brittney Wilson (aka the “Nerdy Nurse”) joins us on today’s episode of the Nursing Assistant Podcast to discuss nursing informatics, technology, and blogging.

Brittney’s goal is to help other nurses and healthcare professionals gain confidence with technology. She does this through her Nerdy Nurse blog, her speaking engagements, and her two books — The Nerdy Nurse’s Guide to Technology and The Nurse’s Guide to Blogging.

Listen as Brittney and show host Patricia discuss nursing informatics, workflow process improvement, how retail customer service skills can be adapted to the nursing profession, building an online presence, and much more.

In Today’s Episode

  • Brittney’s path from med-surg nurse to informatics nurse to nurse entrepreneur.
  • How nursing informatics bridges the gap between technical healthcare systems and nurses.
  • How healthcare is at its core a service profession that requires a great deal of customer service.
  • How nurse bullying spurred Brittney to create her blog.
  • Tips for those starting out in healthcare on how to get jobs and build a personal brand.

Featured on Today’s Episode

More About The Nerdy Nurse

The Nerdy NurseThe Nerdy Nurse is a popular nursing and technology blog that was started in 2010 by Brittney Wilson, RN.

The Nerdy Nurse covers a wide range of issues, including nursing, nursing products, lifestyle, social media, personal branding, technology, and broader healthcare topics.

The nurse shop at Nerdy Nurse includes a variety of recommended products available for sale through Amazon, Etsy, and Nurse Born, including stethoscopes, stethoscope accessories, and nurse bags.

More About Health Media Academy

Health Media AcademyBlogging is one of the easiest ways to build a business presence in Google search results. This is the premise behind Health Media Academy, a joint venture between RNs Brittney Wilson of The Nerdy Nurse and Kati Kleber of FreshRN.

Together, these two “godmothers of nurse blogging” deliver instruction on digital marketing and blogging geared specifically “to help nurses build and grow their online empires.”

Of course there’s a frequently updated blog. But the real value is in their digital courses: they offer free courses on time management and nurse blogging basics, plus a thorough premium course titled “Nurse Blogging 101: Digital Marketing for Nurses.” Additionally, they offer a website and blog auditing service.

Featured Organization of the Week

NAHCANursing assistants are the backbone, heart, and soul of long term care. That’s the idea behind this week’s featured organization, the National Association of Health Care Assistants, founded in 1995 by former CNAs Lori Porter and Lisa Sweet.

The mission of the NAHCA is threefold:

  1. To enhance the professional standing of CNAs and other caregivers who work closely with the elderly and disabled.
  2. To enhance the quality of life for those in long term care.
  3. To form strong relationships with other healthcare professionals.

As of 2018, the NAHCA has over 26,000 caregiver members from 500 nursing homes in 29 states.

Click here to learn more about joining the NAHCA. Members receive access to a monthly videos, a member resource center, subscription to the NAHCA blog, and a monthly newsletter “NAHCA Edge.”

Connect with the NAHCA: Facebook | YouTube | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram

Contact the NAHCA

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