Episode #7: Dr. Eleanor Barbera on Mental Health in Elder Care

Dr. Eleanor Barbera

Clinical psychologist Dr. Eleanor Barbera, PhD, devotes her career to improving the care of the elderly living in congregate care homes. Listen to today’s episode to find out how nursing home staffers can use psychological insights to create better long-term care for elders.

Recognizing that she had a lot to offer but few willing listeners in her clinical setting, Dr. El set out to publish her thoughts and ideas online, and a blog was born. Over the years, her blog at MyBetterNursingHome.com has grown to include information for the care team (doctors, nurses, direct care staff), patients, and families. It offers something for everyone.

When Dr. El realized that she was seeing the same issues being experienced by many residents of long-term care, she decided to write a book to educate them on the specific challenges of transitioning into long-term care. The Savvy Resident’s Guide Book offers strategies, information, and resources to help the resident settle in.

Today, she provides programs for staff training, intervention services for struggling residents or staff members, and education resources for staff, residents, and families. Her articles have won many awards and her topics are engaging, informative, and relevant to today’s care-giving environments.

In Today’s Episode

  • Dr. El’s journey from psychology undergrad to doctor.
  • How everyone in healthcare can go from Clark Kent to Superman.
  • How working in a community service setting prepared her for her current role.
  • The unique challenges of various care settings she worked in and why she settled on her current environment.
  • Why earlier is better than later when it comes to resolving mental health issues.
  • Her advice to those looking to work in the elder-care industry.

Featured on Today’s Episode

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