Episode #8: Janet Kennedy on Social Media in Healthcare

How is social media used to help hospitals, medical practices, healthcare practitioners, and patients connect and engage online? Join Janet Kennedy and Patricia Laramee as they discuss strategies for effectively and responsibly using social media in healthcare.

Janet Kennedy has been an early adopter of social media in various forms throughout her personal and professional life. When she noticed that there was a need to educate healthcare providers on the effective use of social media in a HIPAA-compliant manner, Healthcare Marketing Network and Get Social Health were born! Join us as we discuss how Get Social Health can help healthcare businesses improve their online presence, and how the Healthcare Marketing Network can teach direct care providers how to use social media responsibly.

In Today’s Episode

  • Janet’s journey: how a bachelor’s degree and career in radio developed into an online business opportunity.
  • How Janet uses her experience to teach others about responsible social media and HIPAA compliance.
  • How healthcare providers can develop a strong online presence to deter misinformation in healthcare.
  • How her experience at trade shows led her to a fun ambassador role.
  • Tips for those starting out in healthcare on how to establish an online presence and avoid social media pitfalls.

Featured on Today’s Episode

More About the Healthcare Marketing Network

The Healthcare Marketing Network connects healthcare workers that are developing a social media presence to connect with others, learn about responsible social media actions, get community support, and much more. This vibrant community encourages aspiring writers with clients in need of services; if you are a healthcare writer, check them out!

More About Get Social Health

Get Social HealthGet Social Health is a podcast about how to use social media in the healthcare industry. Get Social Health presents conversations with professionals actively working in the field and provides real-life examples of healthcare social media in action.

Listen to the lively, engaging podcasts and learn more about the Get Social Health Academy, designed to help healthcare practices learn unique ways to engage with others in a social media environment without violating regulations.

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