Episode 9: Nate McPartlin on Nurse Assistant (CNA) Staffing

Nate McPartlin

Nate McPartlin discusses how CareerStaff can help get your CNA career off the ground using a staffing agency to gain experience, try new settings and explore locations close to home or across the country.

Why should you consider working for an agency? How does it benefit your career? What if you don’t want to travel? What if you like the assignment and want to stay?

These are all great questions and the focus of our latest episode as we discuss these topics with Nate McPartlin from CareerStaff Unlimited. CareerStaff is a national staffing company that matches healthcare workers to available positions in states throughout the country. They are a diverse company with many brands, each with their own specialty, from nursing administration to direct care providers, like CNAs.

Some of the benefits of working with a staffing company include the ability to gain valuable experience and training in a variety of settings. CareerStaff has positions in hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, rehabs, schools and more, helping you discover CNA opportunities that you may not even be aware of!

Join Patricia and Nate as they talk about the diverse options available through a staffing agency, why CareerStaff was designated a “Great Place to Work” in 2018 and what they are looking for in a staffing candidate.

In Today’s Episode

  • Nate McPartlin’s role in CareerStaff and the support his office provides
  • Who should consider a career with CareerStaff
  • The benefits of working with a staffing agency
  • Close to home or exploring the country — there’s a position for everyone!
  • How they match candidates to positions by listening to your needs

Featured on Today’s Episode

More About CareerStaff

CareerStaffCareerStaff Unlimited offers a diverse network of brands and services to serve healthcare staffing needs throughout the country. With offices in over 25 major cities, positions available in all 50 states, and a staff of over 150 recruitment professionals, you are sure to find a position that works for you with a robust team to support you every step of the way. They have had over 25 years of continuous growth and are looking for the right team members to join over the 4,300 staffing professionals currently working through CareerStaff. Join them today!

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