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NursingAssistantGuides.com is a comprehensive resource providing current information about becoming a certified nursing assistant. We also provide career and study guidance from professionals in the field to help prepare learners to succeed in this field.

We know that working as a CNA requires dedication and a passion to help others. At NursingAssistantGuides.com, we do our best to answer all of your questions about this career, and guide you to the training program that is right for you!

Our Most Popular Resources

Our editorial staff works to keep you abreast of new developments in the field, bringing you up-to-date information on the how to become a CNA and taking CNA classes online. We also provide an in-depth guide on the job duties of a CNA.

Before you can even study for the CNA Exam, you’ll need to complete a CNA training program. We’ve provided smart tips about what to look for and what kinds of CNA classes you can take online. We’ll also help you connect with accredited online programs across the United States once you’re ready to begin your journey to becoming a CNA.

Timeline (A Short History of Our Site)

  • November 1999: NursingAssistantGuides.com goes live on the Internet, with the goal of providing prospective CNAs with useful resources to help support their education.
  • February 2012: Celeste Botonakis joins the team and begins blogging on the NursingAssistantGuides.com blog.
  • January 2017: Celeste publishes the blog post The 5 Rights of Medication, which immediately becomes one of our most popular articles in site history.
  • March 2018: Our long-planned site re-design finally launches, along with major updates to much of our content.

Meet Celeste, Our Blogger!

Celeste Botonakis has been in the medical field for nearly a decade, and is currently working at CSR Primary Care in Skokie, Illinois. She is passionate about helping people, with patient care as her top priority. Each month, Celeste dives into specific areas of healthcare. She covers a range of important topics like donating blood, sleep hygiene, preventing and detecting various cancers, and more!

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