Healthcare Administration

What is Healthcare Administration?

Healthcare administration is the management aspect of the medical industry. Healthcare administrators have to manage the staffs, budgets, and other business facets of clinics and hospitals, and they often rely on computer software packages to manage the day-to-day operation of these facilities. The profession is organized into professional societies including the American College of Healthcare Executives, the Healthcare Financial Management Association, and the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. Future nursing or medical assistants are encouraged to take a course in healthcare administration, as familiarity with this subject diversifies their resumes and makes them more competitive candidates.

Earning a degree in Healthcare Administration

Degree in healthcare administration programs from schools like Kaplan University and Herzing University may have a variety of prerequisites, including a high school diploma and related coursework such as biology and math that help prepare the student to study this rewarding subject. In this program, students can expect to review:

  • Healthcare organizations
  • Roles of health care workers
  • Public Policy
  • Information Technology
  • Financial Management
  • Regulatory and ethical issues in healthcare management

Courses also discuss the challenges presented to today’s healthcare manager, the business of health, and the skills needed to successfully manage in a high stress, fast-paced environment. Graduates typically earn entry-level jobs in healthcare management, or continue in their education toward their bachelor’s degree.

Degrees in Healthcare Administration