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Holidays & Depression

The emotional and financial stress of the holidays can trigger depression in some people.There are so many social activities, chores and events during the holiday season. You simply can’t do it all. Keep your expectations reasonable and set realistic goals about what you can and cannot accomplish. Say ‘No‘ when you need to; your priority is you and your family. Spread the joy out over the entire holiday season rather than placing all of the importance on one specific day or event.

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Holiday Depression

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… well, not for everyone. While images of love and joy fill storefronts, TV screens and magazine pages, for many people, the reality of the holidays isn’t so cheerful. As we kickoff the holiday season starting with Thanksgiving and into Christmas high expectations, money woes, and other holiday hazards can spell trouble for anyone, but especially those prone to depression. The myth has been repeated so many times, most people consider it common knowledge: more people commit suicide between Thanksgiving and Christmas than at any other time of the year. Although it sounds reasonable,it simply isn’t true (springtime is actually the peak).

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