Top Twitters In #ElderCare For Nurses To Follow

The demand for elder care and senior health services continues to grow as the large baby-boomer generation ages into retirement, which means that the job market for nurses and nurse’s assistants in senior care facilities is booming. The discussion of how to provide the best care for a growing senior population is alive and well online, and any nursing assistant looking for a job or just some good information on the current state of elder care would do well to join Twitter and check out some of the discussions going on. Many of the experts in this field use #ElderCare and #SeniorCare to tag their tweets, so that’s a great place to start for someone just joining the conversation.

Participating in the #ElderCare discussion on Twitter is not only a great way to interact with professional peers socially, it can also help new nursing assistants with:

  • Learning what skills and experience are in the highest demand at elder care facilities.
  • Finding out about job openings and meeting people who could provide references.
  • Reading about current events and trends in the senior care field.

The field of elder care is changing and growing, and maintaining strong communication with other professionals is one of the best ways to keep up.


  1. @NCOAging


    The National Council on Aging works to be a voice for older Americans, particularly those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged. Tweets provides information about different initiatives in healthcare concerning elderly people.

    • Visit Their Website: NCOA
  2. @ACLgov


    The Administration for Community Living looks at a variety of issues as they affect seniors. Tweets look at different awareness initiatives and underline the importance of maintaining the elderly and handicapped in society.

  3. @eldercarelink1


    ElderCareLink is one of the most accredited sources on elder care and senior living, providing support, advice, and resources for families looking for elder care. Tweets look at different ways caregivers can improve elder care in their communities.

  4. @alzfdn


    The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America is a great resource for gaining further insight into the specific developments of those working in elder care may see in patients. The tweets highlight different issues those with Alzheimers face, as well as ways to become more involved with the issues.

    • Visit Their Website: AFA
  5. @ALFA_Online


    The Assisted Living Federation of America is the foremost source for those working in elder care to have the best knowledge and the most up-to-date news concerning developments in the field.

  6. @AARP


    The AARP is one of the leading organizations in the world for senior citizens. Tweets typically cover an array of different areas within aging and how to best cope with the different implications of getting older.

    • Visit Their Website: AARP
  7. @CareDotCom

    CareDotCom is the leading source for improving care for the entire family and for finding adequate resources in terms of assistance for seniors as well. Tweets equip families with useful information on how to find the best senior care locally.

  8. @SrHelpersNatl


    With nearly 300 locations nationwide, Senior Helpers is a leader in dependable, consistent and affordable home care. They offer multiple program options to meet seniors’ companionship and personal care needs including short-term respite, live-in, and daily visits. Through their Senior Gems® program their professional, trained caregivers take a positive approach to Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

  9. @rightathomeUS


    Right at Home is a company that works to provide in-home care for elderly patients to help ease the stress of commuting for care or being placed into a nursing home.

  10. @ahcancal


    The AHCA/NCAL is an organization of over 11,000 nursing centers, assisted living communities, and care facilities that work to provide adequate support for elderly patients.

  11. @mindingourelder


    Minding Our Elders is the Twitter account of the book of the same name and tweets underline how we can respect the elderly while caring for them. Tweets also function as commentary on different social issues pertaining to the elderly.

  12. @GeriPalBlog


    GeriPal Blog looks at geriatric and palliative care issues in a forum that is not only engaging, but informative as well. The tweets look at the different issues many times faced in elder care.

  13. @OpenPlacement


    OpenPlacement is a useful site that allows care providers to view when different vacancies are available in different living communities. The tweets help keep readers informed on different developments, along with events, and useful information.

  14. @housing4seniors


    Housing For Seniors is a great account to follow when you’re looking for options in terms of retiring and understanding what avenues can be explored when figuring out where to move.

  15. @sharpseniors


    Sharp Seniors emphasizes how stylish and hip senior citizens are and encourages elderly people to stay active and have fun in the latter years of their lives.

  16. @senior_living


    Senior Living is useful because it helps seniors live healthier, longer, more productive lives that contribute to them being happier. The tweets look at different ideas for seniors to stay active and remain happy.

  17. @BrookdaleLiving


    Brookdale Senior Living provides many different senior living solutions that enable a thorough analysis of the options typically available.

  18. @Lifesprk


    Lifesprk aims to equip seniors with a kick in the second half of their lives and ensure that people are able to contribute to living a more passionate and purpose-driven life.

  19. @seniorcareWI


    HomeCarePathLLC is useful because they work to assist seniors with various day-to-day functions and keep them at home instead of in a nursing home.

  20. @ElderCareTeam


    Eldercare Workforce Alliance is an aggregate of 28 national organizations that focus on alleviating the stress imposed by the imposing workforce crisis in caring for the elderly. The tweets look at different ways they’re working to better communities and more.

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  1. @familyeldercare


    Family Elder Care is an organization working to bring “independence, safety, & dignity” to seniors living in all circumstances, from those in residential care facilities to those living on their own who just need a few services around the house.

  2. @AskCrossroads


    Crossroads Hospice works around the clock to provide innovative care methods and ensure seniors, as well as their families, to have the resources to make informed decisions and be happy.

  3. @BucknerSrLiving


    Buckner Retirement Services is a retirement home with communities located all across the country. They help provide the best care possible for seniors and tweets typically look at additional ways they serve elderly people.

  4. @FirstLightCare


    First Light Home Care is a fairly new and incredibly innovative way to approach in-home healthcare for elderly loved ones. The tweets typically highlight the different ways they provide and make for extremely intuitive advice.

  5. @HousingOpp


    H.O.M.E. provides low-income seniors options when it comes to repairing their home and maintain independence as they age. H.O.M.E. tweets different facts about the elderly and how they can get free repairs for their homes.

  6. @DPHomeCareInc


    DP Home Care Inc is a great provider of health care needs in the home of clients and their families. The tweets put aging and senior care into perspective with useful articles and insightful news.

  7. @Eldercare_MN


    Eldercare Partners is a useful site providing focus to seniors and different ways they can receive the most effective care possible. Tweets look at different upcoming events and how family members can best assist seniors.

  8. @BestCareatHome


    BestCare@Home works with patients to have the most adequate healthcare available from the comfort of their own homes. Tweets provide life tips, health advice, and news articles about how one can improve their lifestyle.

  9. @SeNS_Interreg


    SeNS Interreg is the Senior Network Support and works across multiple countries to tie together a stronger sense of unity among seniors.

  10. @Velacare


    Velacare is run by senior living leaders who focus on clinical, operational, and revenue enhancement consulting to owners of small to mid-size senior housing units. The tweets post different developments in the senior care and the most effective ways to improve housing initiatives.

  11. @_MedsOnTime


    Meds On Time was designed as a reminder for seniors to take their medication and the Twitter feed looks at different articles pertaining to healthcare and useful tips concerning elderly healthcare.

  12. @BrowardSenior


    Broward Senior Healthcare is a great service that provides assistance to elderly people who don’t need medical attention. Their companion services are particularly well-known and the Twitter account is used to post different articles related to health-issues.

  13. @SeniorCareRadio


    Senior Care Radio is a podcast show analyzing different senior care developments and also provides how-to information on a number of subjects. Tweets inform of upcoming conferences and different topics of senior care.

  14. @After55Magazine


    Amy Hoster writes for After 55 Magazine, a magazine devoted to life after retiring and the different responsibilities associated with it. The tweets look at interesting areas within this subject and are fairly comprehensive.

  15. @TheNewOldAge


    The New Old Age is a subsection of the Health area of the New York Times that focuses on the plethora of different needs seniors have and the different ways families and caregivers can provide to ease the aging process.

  16. @AmerGeriatrics


    The American Geriatrics Society is the foremost source for health professionals working in geriatric care. Their tweets highlight hot topics, different meetings and events, among other useful tips.

  17. @NursingHomeNews


    Local Nursing Homes aims to equip seniors and their caregivers with the resources to locate the best nursing home.

  18. @AmyHoster


    Amy Hoster runs which provides ample resources that allow seniors to locate many different senior housing options. Ranging from assisted living, nursing homes, houses, both for rent and sale, the site has it all.

  19. @FamHealthGuide


    Family Health Guide is one of the most dependable resources for health and wellbeing and they provide a wide focus on issues.

  20. @getold


    Get Old aims to reframe how people think of aging and their views on seniors, as well as ageism. The tweets offer interesting insight on how to feel young and grow, but not get “old.”

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  1. @ourparents

    ourparents is a great resource for helping aging members of families on how to cope with the many new responsibilities that develop over time. The tweets typically cover different ideas for coping with aging and assisting elderly family members.

  2. @PaulaRobinsonRN


    Paula Robinson is the founder and owner of Adult Day Care & Assisted Living Facility. She works extensively to provide the best resources for aging adults as they enter the elder years of their life. Her tweets look at different articles pertaining to aging.

  3. @Aurora_Health


    Aurora Health Care is based in Milwaukee and tweets upcoming events and insightful pieces on different complications associated with aging.

  4. @NAPGCM


    The National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of senior care and geriatric care management through education and training.

  5. @ShelleyWebbRN


    Shelly Webb is an RN and geriatric care manager based in Idaho who tweets different news articles and informative bits on things pertinent to assisting families with their aging members.

  6. @SeniorsResource


    Home Care Coach provides care information about seniors and those who take care of them. Tweets highlight different illnesses and health-concerns associated with aging.

  7. @Seniors4Living

    Seniors4Living tweets seniors housing information, along with need-to-know information about baby boomers, retirement and more. They also co-founded #ElderCareChat and engage as part of it on the first and third Wednesday of each month.

  8. @Caring

    Caring is one of the most prominent sites for family caregivers online and also provides great resources for geriatric health issues.

  9. @ASAging


    The American Society on Aging is the largest organization of multidisciplinary professionals on the field of aging. Tweets present different issues in aging.

  10. @LeadingAge


    LeadingAge is an association made up of over 6,000 non-profit organizations that focus on expanding the possibilities and resources available concerning aging.

  11. @AgingCare

    AgingCare gives caregivers the support they need concerning the increasingly large number of elderly adults in need of assistance.

  12. @Mike_Gamble


    Mike Gamble runs the fantastic site, and his tweets highlight different news articles concerning aging and elderly citizens.

  13. @aging_in_place

    aging_in_place aims to educate people on “aging in place” and how people can get be happy by investing more in their homes, health, money, and more, all locally.

  14. @SrCareCorner


    Kathy Birkett helps other caregivers and senior adults improve their quality of life by providing them great blog posts and podcasts. Her tweets look at different ways elderly people can be assisted.

  15. @SunriseSrLiving


    Sunrise Senior Living is a community living residence for seniors that provides ample resources for living well and comfortably. They tweet different events taking place at their different residences and also news articles pertaining to seniors.

  16. @SeniorHomeCare


    Adeste In-Home Care provides in-home care for seniors, along with spending time with seniors to keep them company. Tweets provide good news articles on the best ways to care for seniors.

  17. @aginginaction


    Aging In Action is a comprehensive source for looking at the latest news in aging and care for seniors. They tweet many different articles on how to improve care and be a better caregiver.

  18. @InsideElderCare


    Inside Elder Care is a great Twitter account for gaining more information pertaining to aging and caring for elderly people. Their insight is particularly useful in conveying the upmost importance on different issues.

  19. @FPCLLC


    Family Private Care is a full-service home care referral service in Georgia and Alabama. Their tweets highlight different news articles, along with developments in elder care.

  20. @CaregiverTweets


    Lynn Wilson, founder of The CareGiver Partnership, uses her Twitter to provide advice, resources, services, and products to caregivers and their loved ones as it pertains to aging.

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  1. @daccarte


    Dale Carter runs Transition Aging Parents and she has a wealth of experience with providing for aging parents. Her tweets touch on different issues the adult-aged children of seniors face and how to best confront them.

  2. @AgingSuite


    Aging Suite provides great tools for understanding how elderly people can maintain their lifestyles and safely and gradually age without restrictions. Tweets provides useful advice as well.

  3. @ElderDepot


    Elder Depot is run by a woman named Kristen who used her real caregiving experience to start a business centered around providing others with the care they need and useful products.

  4. @AHPChomecare


    AHPC Senior Care allows seniors to stay at home and receive the care they need through professional caregivers. Their tweets provide useful information and insightful news articles.

  5. @YourParentsToo


    Francine Russo is based in New York and runs, a site that underlines the issues siblings face when managing their aging parents. Tweets highlight different news articles and provide useful advice.

  6. @NHPCO_news


    NHPCO is based just outside Washington, DC and provides all the latest updates and news concerning hospice and palliative care nationally. Tweets look at different conferences and ways seniors can stay healthy.

  7. @seniorliving


    Senior Living is one of the most prominent sources for senior living, along with home health services on the Internet. Tweets are geared more towards seniors, but are very useful for them.

  8. @CaregivingJobs


    Caregiverlist helps caregivers find jobs around the country and consistently tweets different occupational openings from coast-to-coast.

  9. @ParentsAging


    Cooperative HomeCare provides in-home health services for seniors and disabled people. The tweets highlight the variety of options available to seniors.

  10. @VNSNY_News


    Visiting Nurse Service of New York is the largest non-profit home health care organization in the United States. Their tweets highlight different ways to stay healthy and how to enrich the lives of seniors, while enriching elder care.

  11. @drkathyjohnson


    Dr. Kathy Johnson is the CEO of Home Care Assistance, the premier provider of in-home care for seniors in North America. Her tweets underline different ways seniors can stay health, along with interesting news articles.

  12. @AgingWisely


    Aging Wisely provides professional care management and caregiver consultation for seniors, along with care advice as it pertains to long term solutions.

  13. @mcknightsltcn


    McKnight’s LTC News focuses on providing long-term health solutions and quality elder care information. Their tweets highlight different issues within elder care.

  14. @SafetyNetSource


    LoJack SafetyNet is designed for caregivers who work with those who have autism, dementia, and other cognitive conditions. Tweets look at different useful tools for caregivers to provide the best care possible.

  15. @ViaChristi


    Via Christi Health is based in Oklahoma and Kansas and provides doctors, hospitals, clinical, and senior care. Their tweets promote different upcoming events and ways to help advance elder care.

  16. @seniorcarehomes

    seniorcarehomes is useful for equipping seniors and caregivers with the best resources concerning finding assisted living facilities, along with virtual tours, expert articles, and other care-based options.

  17. @CareChanges


    Care Changes is a no-cost senior housing service that focuses on finding seniors assisted living residences, nursing homes, along with Alzheimer’s care and retirement communities.

  18. @SeniorALFs


    Assisted Living is a non-profit resource that works to help seniors find places to live, along with adequate care information.

  19. @hwcaregivers


    Homewatch CareGivers focuses on providing customized home care service. They’re one of the most trusted in the world and their tweets underline the importance of different health initiatives.

  20. @GlobalAgeing


    IAHSA represents the interests of over 30,000 ageing services providers in the world and typically tweet different articles from around the world that underline the importance of palliative care.

    • Visit Their Website: IAHSA

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  1. @ElderCareatHome


    ElderCare at Home focuses on Alzheimer’s and Dementia by assisting patients in the home, which helps retain more memory-triggering elements. Their tweets promote interesting news articles and ways to learn more about Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

  2. @StanCohen


    Stan Cohen is the founder of and promotes different ways caregivers can maximize the helping others. His tweets look at different facets within palliative care and working with seniors.

  3. @AgeTek


    Age Tek helps promote better awareness of aging society, along with the benefits, value of products, and services. They focus on advancing an aging-focused tech consortium.

  4. @eldercarebuddy


    ElderCare Buddy should be a go-to source for older and disabled adults who need help or may soon be in the need of elder care services.

  5. @LivingSenior


    Living Senior works to promote senior care consulting and ensure that the resources are available to ensure their comfort ability and safety.

  6. @ServingSeniors


    SeniorCommunityCntrs works on providing meals, heal, and wellness services in San Diego. Additionally, they work to provide affordable housing options and community education to low-income seniors.

  7. @aplaceformom


    A Place for Mom helps connect families with expert senior care solutions, regardless of location. Their in-depth tools are great for ensuring comfort ability and happiness are the top priority of all the seniors in a family.

  8. @ElderCareCom

    ElderCareCom is a useful source for finding home care, nursing homes, and retirement homes locally. They tweet useful links concerning elder care, along with insightful quotes.

  9. @ElderCareGuide


    Eldercare Services is a useful site that helps most appropriately find residential services around the country. The tweets look at useful nursing opportunities.

  10. @aegisliving


    Aegis Living works on senior living communities out west in Washington, California, and Nevada. The tweets look at different events out west and also the best ways to secure the right senior living center.

  11. @ElderPlacements


    Assisted Transition is a free eldercare referral service that helps families find the most appropriate living community for their elderly family members. Tweets look at different medical news and useful tips on elder care.

  12. @SeniorCarePA


    Comfort Keepers is based in Pennsylvania and focuses on in-home assisted living services for the elderly and sick, as well as disabled adults over 18 years old. Their tweets keep people up-to-date on different upcoming events and useful advice for senior care givers also.

  13. @SpeakToSeniors


    Senior Living Topics shares news about seniors and caregivers, along with useful topics for discussing with seniors.

  14. @SageMinder


    SageMinder is a senior check-in and medicine management program for elderly people and their family caregivers. They tweet different articles pertaining to senior health and the best ways to work with them.

  15. @SeniorCareIrl

    SeniorCareIrl is Ireland’s home for senior care services and information. The site looks at useful ways to become more connected with seniors.

  16. @HomeCare4Senior


    HomeCare4Seniors is an Atlanta-based company that provides personal care and companionship for seniors while in nursing homes. Since being in a nursing home can have a varying experience, they work to provide consistency.

  17. @TopSeniorCare


    Tom Smith is a senior caregiver with extensive experience. He uses Twitter to convey the most important information and help the elderly, along with their families, to find the best care possible.

  18. @ElderCareMap


    ElderCareCircle helps find elder care facilities out west in Nevada, Arizona, California, Washington, and Oregon, along with in Florida as well. Tweets look at different senior housing news and advice daily.

  19. @Caregivers_hcs


    The Care Givers is an organization based in San Jose, California that provides home-based care for seniors, developmentally disabled, and even veterans. The tweets are pulled from around the Internet and highlight useful news articles.

  20. @sagoralife


    Sagora Senior Living helps accommodate seniors with a mix of luxury, personal freedom, and making sure they’re in optimal health. By providing these things, they’ve established themselves as one of the leading sources for quality senior living.

  21. @_CareintheHome_


    Care In The Home provides home health services for seniors, including assistance with day to day activities, medication reminders, physical and occupational therapy, and a range of other options.

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