Medical Transcription

What is Medical Transcription?

Medical transcription is the process by which patient information is converted to a digital document to be stored and referenced later for billing and continued treatment purposes. When doctors or nurses consult with a patient, often they scribble notes in the patients chart. These notes are later typed by a transcriptionist who ensures an accurate, concise record of the patient visit is kept in digital form. The text may be printed and placed in the patient’s file or stored electronically. Medical transcriptionists are important members of the healthcare team because they ensure information is accurately preserved and the healthcare record is complete. Nursing assistants and medical assistants will most likely assist in transcribing at some point in their careers.

Earning a Degree in Medical Transcription

Degrees in medical transcription focus on building a strong foundation in medical terminology and transcription. Courses teach students the basics of preparing patient records, handling insurance arrangements, third party payments and adjustments, processing correspondence, and managing an office. The programs goals include understanding medical office operations and procedures and learning transcription skills. Programs from schools like Purdue University and Herzing University can include courses in basic human anatomy, English composition, medical terminology, and keyboarding. Graduates often pursue positions as:

  • Medical Transcriptionists
  • Medical Receptionists
  • Medical Record Clerks
  • Medical Office Assistants
  • Medical Application Support Specialists
  • Medical Secretaries

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