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Summer Health Tips

Ah summer! The arrival of summer means days at the pool, family barbecues, picnics, sports and other outdoor activities. you’re like us, you don’t want to spend even one of those days either sick or injured—or let’s face it—worrying about getting sick or injured. Summer allows more time for children to play outdoors, but when kids are covered with bug bites after spending time outside, parents may start to worry about disease spread by ticks, such as Lyme disease, or by mosquitoes, such as West Nile virus.

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Spring And Lyme Disease

The months of April and May are the most active for ticks. Things are warming up for them too, and they’re hungry! Particularly in the Northeast, deer ticks and there black-legged ticks can be infected with a bacteria which they can transmit to humans. Symptoms tend to appear spring through autumn, creating what some call a “Lyme season.” A person is more likely to get the disease during the spring and summer because a lot of time is spent outside, often with large amounts of skin exposed.

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