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25 Essential Blackberry Apps for Health and Fitness

Have you made the connection between fitness and health? If you have made the connection (and the commitment) to a healthier lifestyle and if you own a Blackberry, then you’re in for a health and fitness treat. You have access to dozens of health and fitness apps, but we’ve picked twenty-five essential apps that cover a range from calorie-counting to nutritional help to fitness and medical advice.

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Top 50 Healthcare Policy Blogs

Are you concerned about current health care policies? Are you even more concerned with the future of this issue? Health care is intertwined with business, markets, government and private business. It is international and it is consumer-oriented as well as focused on health care workers and physicians and health care facilities. To help you sort out the issues and to see how they intertwine, we’ve created a list of 50 top healthcare policy blogs for your convenience.

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Top 40 Medical Career Blogs

If you are interested in a career in the medical field, it can help to get advice from people who have already been there. Many professionals write blogs now, and they can provide helpful insight into what you need to do in order to become successful in a variety of medical careers. Here are 50 of the top medical career blogs: Continue reading

Top 25 Healthcare Policy Blogs

Are you concerned about health care policies and reform? You can learn more about the direction that health care policies are taking through the blogs listed below. We discovered writers who were doctors, attorneys, journalists and politicians who all lend their perspectives to the volatile and ethical issues surrounding health care reform.

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Wellness.Edu: 25 Bookmark-worthy Cheat Sheets for Healthy Living

Why a cheat sheet? Because it takes less energy to use what’s available than to re-create the wheel. You can then use that energy to change your bad habits and to develop a healthier lifestyle in the process. Plus, you have no room to procrastinate once you click on any link provided below, because cheat sheets eliminate thinking. Just follow the advice, and you’re good to go.

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25 Ancient, Proven Home Remedies With Science Behind Them

What did the Mayans use for an enlarged prostate? How did Native Americans relieve bronchial congestion? Herbalism, or herbal medicine, has been overlooked during the twentieth century by many physicians and hospitals. But, new research, especially by the Mayo Clinic and other research facilities, show that some herbs hold their own as scientifically-sound remedies for many ills.

With that said, some — such as the plants in the nightshade family — might be avoided, especially for individuals who suffer from arthritis. And, some people might experience adverse affects from some herbs, just as they would from other manufactured medicines. Finally, mixing herbs and medications might not be a wise idea, so check with your doctor before you attempt to treat anything with herbs. Continue reading

50 Proven Superfoods (And Where to Get Them Cheaply)

A “superfood” is a food that contains significant amounts of antioxidants, vitamins, fiber and other beneficial nutrients. Although “superfood” now is a buzzword, it implies any food that has been touted for years as a means to detox from junk food or other foods that contain non-beneficial additives.

When you look for products contained in the list below of the 50 proven superfoods, be sure to research their properties carefully, especially if you currently take medications. And, as with anything, moderation is key. Organic choices, also, are best in most cases, which does affect your wallet’s bottom line. Check this Consumer Reports list to learn when buying organic pays (and doesn’t) as a general guideline. Tips are included in the list below to help you stay as organic as possible. Continue reading

50 Successful Open Source Projects That Are Changing Medicine

Open source healthcare is forging forward quickly on the Internet. But, fast developments often produce many failures. But, many medicinal open source projects that have gained success development. This success shows that open source alone is not the solitary factor in development. Instead, look to great management, public relations, marketing and a sound program that stands up under the scrutiny of a growing number of peer users and, often, patients.

To limit this list to 50 projects means that we’ve tapped only the tip of the mountain of open source projects available to the healthcare industry. They encompass every subject from ultrasound technician education to national health care database privacy. The following list is categorized alphabetically, and each link under every category is arranged alphabetically as well. We use this methodology to show that we do not favor one resource over another. Continue reading