Phobias & Anxiety A Medical Assistant Encounters

The medical assistant professional must be aware of the phobias that their patients may have and know how to react should a fearful episode occur on the job. Below are some of the top phobias you may encounter.

Patient anxiety. There are books devoted to it. Web sites. There’s even “White Coat Syndrome,” which causes a patient to have high blood pressure and other symptoms only in the doctor’s office. The fact is when it comes to visiting the doctor, anxiety-induced symptoms can range from mild fear to a full-blown clinical phobia.

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Certified Nurse Assistants in Pop Culture

The image of nursing has changed and developed throughout history. One of the main causes of this change is the media’s portrayal of the profession. American culture and major historical events have also played a factor in shaping the public’s perception of professional nursing. Views of nurses also vary globally, as seen in the comparison between the popular image of Japanese and American nurses. Despite the challenging negative impressions established by the media and pop culture, nurses must adhere to a moral and ethical code, in providing the highest quality of care.

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Medical Assistants Moving On and Moving Up!

Statistics show that over 70 percent of all working medical assistants are employed in physician’s private offices, and group practices. Another large group of medical assistants work for ophthalmologists, podiatrists, and chiropractors, and other healthcare providers. Healthcare is the fastest-growing U.S. service industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, so if you’re interested in getting your feet wet in the medical field, this may be a career path to consider.

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Succeeding In An Externship

Some people aren’t familiar with the term externship. Your externship is the final step of your medical assisting training. An externship has to with YOU! It means you finally get a chance to put everything learned in a classroom to use, dealing with actual patients and medical professionals in an actual medical office environment. Although many students have some apprehension about beginning the externship, once there they find it to be a very rewarding experience

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How To Maintain Professional Relationships in the Office

You spend most of your time with them. With a single word, they can make or ruin your day. They know more about you than does your own mother. They’re your co-workers and your associates, your bosses and your employees, your clients and your colleagues. In fact , all of your workmates have an enormous impact on your mood,stress level, and emotional well-being.

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The 5 Rights of Medications

There are “Five Rights” to accurate medication administration. If all are observed, the potential for mistakes is drastically reduced. Nurses learn these rules in school. The tendency to skimp on them is a problem that often stems from factors such as overconfidence and staffing shortages. There is no excuse to skimp on rules; follow the rules and keep your patients safe.

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